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Works with Aidot
Works with Aidot

To establish a complete Aidot ecosystem that can break the limitation of different brands. Connecting diverse smart products, building an IoT world. Offering diverse IoT modules with a large number of mainstream protocols to meet your demands of network connectivity. Other than mainstream protocols, more products from other brands will join in AiDot ecosystem later. Work with AiDotyou work with the smart future.

Matter Protocol
Matter Protocol

Matter is a crucial protocol of AiDot now. Work with AiDot, means work with other apps that support Matter as well, smart speakers, and smart products. Eliminating your concerns about the connection and selection between those apps, smart products, and smart speakers. It is easy to find and control Matter products from other brands through AiDot app, and you can connect those smart speakers at any time. 

Compatibility of AiDot with Smart Speakers
Compatibility of AiDot with Smart Speakers

As a continuous-growing and Integrated ecosystem, AiDot is totally compatible with these mainstream and popular smart speakers like Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, Smartthings, Apple Homekit, Android widget, IOS shortcuts, and IOS Siri. No more problems about the choice of product connections. AiDot app, smart products, and smart speakers can form an ideal IoT pattern that brings a convenient smart life for you.

Reliability& Standardization & Data Security
Reliability& Standardization & Data Security

Work with AiDot is not only about brands, products, protocols, or smart speaks; authoritative certifications are involved at the same time. For a better IoT service and trustworthy eco-system,AiDot has passed many terms including ISO, GDPR, and CCPA which can ensure reliability, standardization, and data security.

Works with AiDot
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