Link Up With Your Home
A world of IoT and energy-saving behaviors

To establish an IoT world at your home, connect and control different devices via a multifunctional app. Those devices are designed based on the energy-saving principle to contribute to sustainable development and offer you a lower cost.

Linkind Products Display: solar light; smart sensor; smart plug, etc.

Witness All Moments
You deserve a safe, entertaining, and smart life

Your safe, entertaining, and smart life will be established by Winees, To protect your home from the frontline with Winees security system which consists of security camera, smart lock, and smart doorbell. From the gate, security camera starts to inspect your visitors, then the smart lock and video doorbell will prevent any possible dangers from outside. Many funny moments will be recorded for your wonderful life at the same time.

Winees products display: security camera, smart lock, smart doorbell, etc. 

Illuminate for a Better Life
Simple; Smart; Reliable

Orein aimed to create an entire home lighting solution that gives you a convenient, healthy, and multiple lifestyles, also a smart lighting system with a range of healthy lights, controllers, and accessories.

Orein products display: smart lighting, decorative lighting, leisure lighting, etc.

Not Only Healthy Lights
Reliable; Comfortable; Connectable

Hyderson, which means the goodness as deep as the sea, is a symbol of persistent struggle and a hopeful life. With its systematic lighting solution, all your demands of lighting can be perfectly met. Light up your home and offer you a healthy and smart life.  

Hyderson products display: diverse lighting; smart security product, etc.

Make Your Life Easier
Up to standard is the best

Simple design, user-friendly operation, and beautiful appearance are the theory of Syvio‘s design. Three main directions: environmental appliance, kitchen appliance, and cleaning equipment are where Syvio is going to put this theory into practice to make your life easier. 

Syvio products display: robot vacuum, vacuum, air fryer, humidifier, etc. 

Make Profession Easy
Empower imagination through continuous innovation of technology

For any scene, DIY with Gogonova is absolutely an innovative experience for different items. Its multiple DIY tools and solutions are the best backup for your imagination which can be put into a garden, indoor area, or public field.

Gogonova products display: power tool, battery, charger for DIY work, etc.